Drop down menu

You can see this menu in action on the Left column.

To obtain that, you must select your main menu in module manager and enter these settings :

  • position : "menu"
  • Always show sub-menu items : "yes"
  • no Module class suffix


Additional Horizontal menu

You can publish an additional horizontal menu in the Top, Bottom or UserX position, like these example below. To obtain that, you must :

  • In Module manager, publish a menu in the position "top", "bottom" or "userX"
  • add the Module class suffix : "horizontal-menu"
  • Add a code color if you want a background-color : "grey", "black", "brown", "orange", "red", "green", "violet", "turquoise" or "blue" Example CSS class " horizontal-menu-green"

CSS class : horizontal-menu

CSS class : horizontal-menu-grey

CSS class : horizontal-menu-blue

CSS class : horizontal-menu-orange

CSS class : horizontal-menu-turquoise

CSS class : horizontal-menu-black

CSS class : horizontal-menu-red

CSS class : horizontal-menu-green

CSS class : horizontal-menu-violet

CSS class : horizontal-menu-brown

Note : All these menus work without javascript code (pure CSS : no risk of conflict with another module !).